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Captain Karty's Day-5 Tunnel Hull

Capt. Karty has been stalking reds and trout in Mosquito Lagoon and the Indian River since the 80s.

He started out with a 15 foot skiff. Only being able to accommodate two anglers led to adding a pontoon boat for larger and more relaxed parties.

We experienced many memorable tarpon catches in the Indian River fishing out of that pontoon boat.

Karty began his search for a boat that could fill all his needs and found the Day-5 Tunnel Hull. He has one of the few boats that can accommodate four anglers, and do it comfortably.

If you are fishing as a single, you get all the attention and all the fish.

The boat is sturdy and stable in the water, even under power in the chop that sometimes occurs. When you step off the dock and onto the boat, the boat does not move.

It is roomy with a clean deck, perfect for fly fishing.

Capt. Karty's Day-5 Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Guide Boat

There is room for your cooler and an umbrella should you need some shade. Capt. Karty takes out everyone from families and novices to flyfisherman. This boat serves everyone well.

The tunnel hull is built with a tunnel down the middle. It floats and runs in very shallow water.

Learn more about tunnel hull boats.

Compare Capt. Karty's to most of the other guides' boats out on Mosquito Lagoon.

Typical guide boat on Mosquito Lagoon

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